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Boat Security system...

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Hello all,

So I am keeping my boat just shy of a mile away from my house at a dock.(All trees in between) At said dock there is no Wifi and cellular service is really bad. My initial thought was to put a security camera onto my boat and have it connected to the internet, then have it send alerts, however with the prior mentioned services being unavailable I have to think of something else to try...

So my thought process brought me to some Xbee pro modules that can take an input from some sort of sensor, whether it be motion or a hatch switch, and transmit that so the receiving module can maybe hook to an Arduino like setup, then have that alert me in some way. I do have 2 Pro modules with the little antenna on it, but was thinking it may be possible to get the SMA version and attach an external sizable antenna on the radio room roof at my house. I have a basic familiarity with the Xbee, and I've read that these little things can get quite the distance.

Is this a proper train of thought for a fun project, or am I thinking incorrectly? If this makes any sense I was wondering if you can send some tips my way, maybe you know of similar projects I can backbone off of. Thank you for the time and assistance..


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Do you have any sightline at all though? You might be able to set up your own WiFi using a directional antenna. That would be a lot less work, more straightforward and get you better quality.

But a directional antenna on one of the higher power (250mW or even 1W) 900MHz Xbees would cut through cover better than 2.4GHz WiFi.
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