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Board Etching...

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Ive got a few projects ive done on regular perfboard or protoboard, like from radio shack, but i want to redo on etched boards. Since i dont have the supplies, skill, or tools needed to etch my own boards, i wanted to ask here if anyone could assist me by etching me some boards, for a price of course. I would strongly prefer that this person be in the United States. I can supply the copperlayouts for the etched boards.

Any help will be appreciated.



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I have recently started etching my own boards using a student etch pack from maplin.co.uk (£20) (Uk version of RadioShack i think) and the circuits are drawn on by hand and then etched with a solution of ferric chloride!
Pretty simple and gives 'good' results.
You can also get packs where you can print out the circuit which has been designed on the computer and then etch it in the same way.

As i say the results are good for the money you pay!



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I looked at radioshack and found a CHEAP kit for $15, but, i found an even better and much cheaper $9 at partsexpress, it contains 4 boards, dry chemical, and patterns. I ordered it and will get it in a few days. Now, the last problem i have is the drilling of the pcb, i dont have any drill except for a 15yo that doesnt work.

If anyone here can help me with the drilling, please pm or reply.


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