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Achieving Low Power on Adafruit Trinket 2018-05-12


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languer submitted a new article:

Achieving Low Power on Adafruit Trinket - Low Power on Trinket MCU

The Adafruit Trinket platform (https://www.adafruit.com/product/1500) is a neat small, Arduino compatible, microcontroller platform. For close to $5 you get an MCU in a board with pinouts, USB power, and Arduino support. Of course one can customize your own mini platform with better I/O and just the right functions. But at this price point it is hard to justify spending the time to do so unless one is trying to go into a high number...
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Mike - K8LH

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Thank you for sharing your research and experience.

May I ask what tools you used to measure such small currents, please?

Cheerful regards, Mike, K8LH


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Glad you liked it. For the current consumption I used a DVM. It is a little more advanced than standard ones, but nothing quite out of the ordinary. A few good tips to use when using DVMs for these type of measurements is to defeat the auto-ranging feature if possible, or use the delta function (as long as the DVM resolution matches the desired significant digits/units).

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