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Bigbang theory god particle - Free current

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My first request is , plz dont bang me for my ignorance/stupidy ..its my taught what i wanted to pen down and hence sharing ..

Free electricity or say god particle exists all over every where .BIGBANG Theory??

I may be stupid , but could not resist from asking below question , your views or suggestion are most welcome .

I wanted to generate electricity without battery or external source , i chose piezo electric transducer --by converting mechanical stress/pressure on this devicce can create voltage of easily 2 volts with slight mechanical press that could light up an 2v LED Bulb ..

As my research went on ..i went into trans stage and here is what i i penned down on paper .

I used 2 formula E=MC²(mass and speed of light ) and E=½CV²(capacitor and voltage) to come to conclusion ..

I am too lazy to write up here ..and just wanted to upload what i have written in paper .

The final conclusion what i derive from my research is

Every particle on this earth , be it in air or water or nomatter what and where it is ..it can generate current and voltage

Conclusion 1)-->163.48 Voltage generator

1 gram of Mass with 1156 x 10⁻²⁴/mm closed space speed and having an charge capacity /capacitor value of 865 x10⁻²⁸ farad can generate 163 volts .

Conclusion2)-->5.16 voltage generator

If the size of mass is reduced to milligram , we get 5.16 volt

Conclusion3)-->0.16 voltage generator

If the size of mass is reduced to microgram , we get 0.16 volt

further , only way to generate the voltage is to deisgn the capacitor to such value , an in real word i think pico farad is the least capacitor available in market .

Molecules such as oxygen and luciferin and Superoxide anion are key to achieve this inspired by fireflies which holds an extra electron which can hold as capacitor and with less mass and speed of light waves producing in its body naturally , its quite possible its able to fire his tail with light .

gj1.jpeg gj2.jpeg gj3.jpeg gj4.jpeg gj5.jpeg gj6.jpeg
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Oh sure, there is an unimaginable amount of energy in the universe, and it seems ironic that mainly we get our energy from a puny chemical reaction: burning, coal, gas, petrol.

Of course there is nuclear and water too. But none of theses sources make energy from nothing.

The trouble is that no one has yet found an easy and convenient way to extract the energy bound up in matter. I'm sure they will one day and then it will cause another major step up in the quality of life for mankind.

According to science, the only time when energy was spontaneously created from nothing was the big bang 13.7 billion years ago when the universe was created.:)

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So a bunch of scribble on some paper bad assumptions based on theoretical particle physics and bad math make 'free energy' a reality? :rolleyes:

BTW, it still wont be free given the mechanics of converting one form of energy into another always add cost and not only that many add way more cost than what the end energy is ever going to be worth. :facepalm:

Theory says reality and theory are the same. Reality however, says otherwise. :sorry:

Ian Rogers

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The only way to get free energy is to tap into your neighbours supply.... We don't encourage this topic here at ETO ..

Equation:- Power = Power.... It will never change... free energy equation:- Nothing = power..

Sorry Thread closed...
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