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best material to create permanent magnet?

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I would like to create a magnet using electricity. What is the best material to do this? So I would take a bar and wrap it with wire and apply a DC current to it. This would then create a permanent bar magnet.

what is the best material to use for the bar? any good sources to buy/get it this material?

thank for any suggestions.


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No, that makes an electromagnet. TO make a permanent magnet you need to heat the right material up past the curie temperature so the magnetic domains in the material can be moved around, expose it to a strong magnetic field to align the those domains, and let it cool in that magnetic field so that the magnetic domains freeze in place with that alignment.
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Use soft iron which is best to magnetize.

However if dropped hard it will loose magnetism very quickly.


I think he's talking about magnetising it with electricity.

Yes, you need to heat it, it's not worth it, buy a magnet.
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