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Bench Power Supply

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Bench Power Supply with adjustable voltage and adjustable constant current power supply to share with all. Please refer my WWW for other reference such as stripboard layout, parts list and some picture of it.

(Sorry, the diagram is too wide)




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Please specify its min and max output voltage and current.
The transformer's output isn't 50V RMS, is it? It would make nearly 70VDC which would blowup most of its parts.


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ante said:
Hi AG,

Another one of those eh.! 8)
Hi Ante,
Yeah, we joked about this project on the other site.
Its little BC109 will blow up very soon.
The missing emitter resistors for the 2N3055 transistors would cause the one with the highest gain to hog the load.


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This is one for your senses no doubt, on power up you will se, hear and smell it even feel it if you like (touch it and your fingers get burned) ! :lol:
I need help building a power supply that 110 ac to 24 v dc at least 2.5 amp
can any one help me out.. with schematics and diagram and parts i need
thank you very much..
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