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Battery protection board not working correctly.


New Member
Hi gurus. I bought this little battery protection board and wired up 2 18650 batteries per the attached diagram but get no power at the "P" side. When I attached the batteries at the P side, the B side has power. Can any guru tell me what I'm doing wrong please? Screenshot_20210223_223255_com.lazada.android.jpg


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You may have to connect the P side to a charger temporarily to get the electronics to switch on.

Also note that the board appears to provide undervoltage / overvoltage protection, but not balance - you must also have balance for the cells to properly charge as a pair, otherwise charging will stop as soon as either cell reaches maximum voltage.

It's OK as it is if you are using a battery holder and charging the cells separately.

Nigel Goodwin

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As already mentioned, you simply need to apply power (8.4V) to trigger the protection circuit to life.

We replace a LOT of faulty cells at work, and very often they don't work with new cells fitted and you need to give them a quick 'kick' with a PSU.

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