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i am having trouble learning how primary cell batteries (zinc and copper) work..... i think it is due to poorly written guides and have some questions

i will write what i read fromt he guide and what confuses me

first a zinc electrode is place in sulfuric acid, h2so4, then a copper electrode is placed in the sulfuric acid, they can then be connected to form a circuit /*i understand this*/

a chemical reaction then happens, and that is the sulfuric acid chemically interacts with the zinc to create 2 H+ ions and 1 SO4- ion, the zinc atoms on the surface of the zinc lose 2 electrons to become Zn+, then the SO4 combines with the Zn + to create ZnSO4, the ZnSO4 is then dissolved in the acid. Then the electrons lost in the formation of Zn+ combine with the H+ ions to form hydrogen. /*i understand this*/
heres where it gets annoying- the electrons begin flowing through the wire connecting the zinc and the copper to the copper electrode and combine with THE HYDROGEN ON THE COPPER ELECTRODE, becuase they find it easier to combine with the hydrogen there /* okay number one, am i supposed to assume that this means they are combining with the hydrogen atoms adjacent to the copper electrode, and two, if so why do they find it easier, why dont they just combine with the hydrogen on the zinc electrode, and if they find it easier becuase there was a higher saturation on the zinc, then why after the saturation are equal do they keep moving to the copper?*/ i also have another guide saying the H+ are attracted becuase becuase of the higher saturation of electrons in the POSITIVE electrode..... am i missing something here?
if anyone knows how a battery works or can direct me to a guide on this exact type of battery i would be oh so happy.... oh yeah and howstuffworks is one of the guides read. if u can answer my uncertainties
yourself all the better :roll: ?:roll:? :roll:? :?:
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