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[b]plzzzzzz help!!!!!! i need an interesting project[/b]

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i am a student of telecommunication engineering. i need ideas for a good project in electronics relating to communication ( analog or digital)
please help me by suggesting some projects.
please mention some nice links where i might get good info.


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Any thing can be with communications. Like CBs, buisness bands, am radio, fm radio, etc... What you exactly want, I don't know, but try Heathkit communications book. Or pretty much any Heathkit books. Heathkit has alot of telecommnication projects to do to. Http://www.heathkit.com


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hey guys,
thnks fr yr replies. i wud like some ideas relating to wireless systems. maybe relating to fm or ssb or fsk. pls reply


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On this site you will find schematics of transmitters.
For many different frequenties.
Some are written in Dutch, i can translate a story
if you find one.

I am now building a circuit from one of these sites.
I will let you know when i have made it.

3 meter mean sending in the FM-band 88-108mhz.
LPD is sending low power device and is 433mhz.
PMR is sending at 466mhz.
You may use LPD and PMR legally in my country.
Maybe not in yours.
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