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I need a combo electrolytic cap with values as follows: 2500 ufd and 1000 ufd @75V. This is used in a old Fisher tuner/amp. In the power supply section. Seperate caps will be good to!!. Can anyone point me in the right direction to obtain these parts... Thank you..... Rich


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What problem are you facing? These capacitors are readily available in the market. If you want to make 2500uF out of 470uF or so connect around 5 of them in parallel and for 1000uF connect two in parallel.


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From your description, it sounds like an old vertical can type with both capacitors inside the single can. This may be a problem to replace directly but the parts are available individually. One source:


has them in the Panasonic TS series for around $5 each.

Another source is TV repair shops that have been around awhile - if you can even find one - there aren't many repair shops anymore.

I'm betting you have a loud hum, leaking capacitors (waxy goo at the base) - maybe both. As you repair the unit, you might also check a large resistor in the same area as the capacitor - sometimes they also blow. Please remember that capacitors store lots of power and should be handled carefully.
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