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AX59PRO motherboard


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I just bought a 6$ motherboard at a local trash store. Its called ax59pro and can only run window 98... it uses socket 7 cpu's wich work at around 124 mhz, has usb, db9 and 25 ports.

It looks like it is obselete, so how will i get the parts to complete it and where? Is it even worth, by your advice, to get the missing parts? I tough of building it for learning purposes, but will i be able to get the obseletes parts? Its from 1994...

Thank you if you help me(i am not shure if its the right forum for that).
I would like to know if i did a great buy or got stolen 5.99 $

If i can get paint ( or sketchup even better) to work i'l be happy.

Does anyone knows what hz i can get from a socket 7?
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