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Automatic Scorekeeper for Classic Washers Game

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I have this idea for a project. It would be an automatic scorekeeper for the washers game that everyone plays at parties. I was thinking about using IR emitter/receivers for sensors in the middle cup. I would display the score using a couple 7-segment displays mounted on the outside of the washers box. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas about how to detect hits in the box (not the cup). I can't use IR emitter/receivers because the washer can bounce in and out. I was thinking maybe pressure sensors? I think there might be a beter idea though. To control the entire system, I was going to use a microcontroller because I have some experience with them. Also, I was thinking about using RFID stickers on the washers to determine which team is throwing, but I don't think there would be any way to use that to determine whether the washer was inside or outside the box. Anyone have any other suggestions?



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Just openly brainstorming here but maybe a vibration sensor could be used to detect washers in the box. If the IR sensor in the tube is triggered and the vibration sensor is triggered only count the tube hit. This method would be vulnerable to hitting the exterior of the box without actually making it in.

Perhaps a scale that can sense the additional weight each washer adds. Again giving precedence to the tube detections. Not sure how accurate or cheap this would be. Zeroing the scale would be important when a new game is started, not new rounds. Would have to be a sensitive scale or huge washers.

Lastly maybe use a cheap laser pointer that is reflected to encompass the interior of the box. You would have to keep the spacing tight so a washer didn't slip by vertically undetected.
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