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automatic book dispenser and RFID used in libraries

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hi there.. i would like to hear your opinion about the project that we decided to do..we would like to improve our library system by using RFID.. we included a book dispenser as well.. it would definitely improve the way our libraries had been..it would help the students and the staff in locating the books that they wanted to read, it can be used for anti-theft, inventories would be faster and easier at the same time, etc.It would be for the convenience of everyone..:)

Dean Huster

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Our city library just completed a huge rennovation and added RFID checkout. My daughter, a 3rd grade teacher, was so fascinated by the fact that she'd set a stack of six books on the counter and the system would list the titles/authors of each book, put it on a screen list, etc. -- magic!!!! It was so captivating to her that she would check out six books as six separate transactions rather than a pile just to see the system magically recognize the book she'd selected. It is a lot better system, although a bit expensive to implement. I'm sure that over the course of time, the library will find that the system is a lot more accurate (fewer lost books) and will save them money (fewer underpaid library assistants to hire). It will also free up the assistants to help customers with the infernal electronic microfiche reader/printer (you have to learn yet another piece of software to use it).

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