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audio vox


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Good day sed,
Can you be more descriptive of the problem?
  1. Do you want to know the part number of a "part number rubbed off" chip?
  2. Do you want to design a circuit to sense audio?
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i want to build audiovox using this ic but i dont know what ic i can use it? if detect small noisy or low voice triger the pin 6 is out put.

pin 1 sensitive input audio
pin 4 Ground
pin 6 out put voltage when detect signal
pin 8 is vcc 5volt

sir what ic i can use?
Why not design your own vox switching circuit? There isn't a dedicated "vox chip" - I have used just a couple of transistors for this purpose. You have to be aware that a crude sound operated switch will respond to ANY sound that's loud enough for the circuit to detect.

A proper Vox circuit uses stages of audio filtering and noise cancellation techniques to prevent false triggering. The last Vox that I designed for a radio communications manufacturer used three quad op-amps, two FETs, a comparator IC and a bipolar transistor. The circuit is patented, so I can't post it here (it would be too complicated for you to copy, anyway!).

Look at simple "sound operated switch" circuits.

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