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Audio Quality

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Hi All,

I'm looking at wiring up a new home theatre pack soon, and I want to put little speaker terminals on the walls, at 2 sections.. basically the circuit would be something like this..

[] = Speaker
-- = Wire
|| = Speaker Terminals

Here's my rough drawing :p

[] --- || -------- || --- [AMPLIFIER]

Now what I want to know, is if a) the 3 cuts in the wire will degrade its quality, (btw I'm using harmony gold 24 braid cable) and b) if my soldering will affect the quality of sound either.

If you think there is another way of doing it, like 1 cable with no terminals, then please tell me how to do it.

Thanks in advance, :)


No, at audio frequencies a cable splice should make a negligible difference. The only problem with soldering is that if the solder joint is cold or does not make good contact with the wires, you may increase the path impedance.
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