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Ask for the principle of error amplifier in PWM

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I have noticed that all the PWM control need a error amplifier for amplifier the difference of the Voltage reference signal and the feedback signal.
But I would like to know: :?: :?: :?:
1) the amplifier is seem as a comparator and a oper amp? if it is seem as a oper amp, is it have a very large gain?
2) for a large gain oper amp, then the output of the error amplifier will seem like a square pulse or a chopped sine wave?
3) how can I doing compensation for those error amplifier design, what value should I add (R and C) and how should I design? is it followed any rule (operating frequency?)
4) if the feedback signal have a quite big difference when compare with the Vref, will the error amplifier go to unstable operation? is there any range for the feedback signal in between?

As i am a newie in electronic, can anyone help me to solve such hard stuff? Thank you very much~
:wink: :wink: :wink:
Not open for further replies.

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