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Arduino DCF77 decoder, LCD display, Quartz clock motor drive, slave pulses and chimes


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Wow! That's a Great job!

I also have an idea of building a WWVB clock (similar to DCF77, but located in Colorado) when I have time. I even ordered a ferrite rod and enamelled wire from eBay so that I would have them when time comes. Mine will not be nearly as beautiful as yours.


Thanks for that.
I got my DCF77 receiver module ready built from Ebay as it's prob the hardest part of the build.


fantastic work oliver! Really high quality work :)
Thanks ElectroMaster.

I want to try and add auto summer winter time adjustment to the analogue clock. The clock can't go backwards so summer to winter I will have to stop the clock motor pulse for an hour. Winter to summer I will need to send an extra 3600 pulses to advance the clock an hour. I think the clock motor will only take a max of 2 pulses a second so if I send 2 pulses a second (1 normal and 1 extra) it will correct itself in an hour.


Here's an animation showing the LCD display.
Row 1 Top local time and date
Row 2 Last sync time and status
Row 3 Last Missed/corrected pulse time and Total corrections in last day
Row 4 Pulse length in ms 100=0 200=1 and Cycle time in ms


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