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Anybody--Need firmware Magnetic Stripe reader, keypad enabled

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Hello ,Anybody here that can code for Arduino Mega
so that it will read a TTL Panasonic Mag stripe reader along with any keypad strokes there will be and save it in internal memory or Arduino
I will pay,
It is going to be used for employee time and attendance logging, each employee has/is going to be assinged their own card with track 1 and track 2 data on it and their own code to be punched in, and at the end of shift or day there supervisor will download with maybe bluetooth or xbee and clear out the eeprom for the next shift, and so on.
That is about it
Any one can do this please email me at
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Your probably going to have more success with RFID tags. Readers are available that will interface easily with an Arduino via serial.



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Yes i know, there is alot of rfid with arduinos on the web,
Arduino is not the only option, I am just looking for someone who can actually start and finish firmware with either an arduino or a PIC16-18-24


Some years ago I worked on software for a metro rail system which used mag stripe tickets. Most of the code was already written and I never looked at the mag stripe part as it worked. I might still have the code somewhere. It was written for an older 8-bit MPU in PL/M but it might offer some help for re-writing in Arduino code. Also the Panasonic docs my provide useful example code.

This reminds me of a 'thought project' I had when I had a summer job in a local factory. We had to clock in and out on a purely mechanical system which printed the time on the card. I wondered how the cards were processed to calculate people's pay by the end of the week and was told the wages clerk lady spent half her week reading the cards and doing the sums. I thought of a system which would read some sort of bar code from the card and record it and the time as data on audio cassette and this would be later read and processed by a computer to work out the wages for this and other local companies. This was the early/mid 70s when as far as I know, there was no internet, microprocessors were unknown to me, maybe no bar codes and no automated time recording for workers' wages. Also I didn't know about data loggers which are not too different.
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