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Any one know of a programmer that can be made easy that is high voltage

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I need a programmer that can reset fuses. I know this don't sound right but it all started like this I got some chips from microchip atmega the same as was on my uno r3
I flashed the bootloader in them had problem wrong chip id they all 6 showed up like the atmega 328 -pu not the 328p-pu or a au
No big deal after flashing they now show up the right chip still no big deal.
Now for the fun part I got some atmega 1284 not the -p I was on a roll right lets flash the bootloader in them well guess what I did the one for a atmega 328

I now have a atmega 1284 that tells avrdude its a 328 and has no fuse set at all.
I now need a a better programmer to set it back.
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