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  • Welcome to our site! Electro Tech is an online community (with over 170,000 members) who enjoy talking about and building electronic circuits, projects and gadgets. To participate you need to register. Registration is free. Click here to register now.

Any EGM Buyers ever get their box of miscellaneous stuff ?

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Anyone ever get the large box of just miscellaneous parts, and stuff, wanted to know the size of the box, and the rough quantity of stuff that's in the box, because if it's about 200+ items, may get one, just for small parts I may want to find a use for.

EGM = (Electronics Goldmine)
I haven't bought from them in a couple of years, but the small surprise box used to be a great deal. A few hundred small parts- components, connectors, switches. I always found a part I needed right away that more than made it worth the money.
Aiight, just want to know what size the large box is, I mean does the small one hold more than 100 pieces on average ? Because if it does, I'm sure the large one will have quite a few pieces I may be able to use.
Also, are they mostly junk stuff, or do they sometimes have some semi-valuable stuff, like high voltage caps, copper clads, transformers, IC's, etc.

Because if it's all stuff like sockets, hardware, regular caps, loose resistors, or unmarked stuff, I'll pass.
The large box is going to have more junk than the small one, they can fit oversized junk in it like pc boards. You'll find some crap you'll just toss, like loose resistors. I've gotten everything from caps to molex connectors in the small box. Surprisingly, I've also received a lot of switches. I usually ordered 2 or 3 of the small boxes whenever I placed an order with them.

You're making me want to order one of the darn things now. :?
Aiight man, I'll probably pick up 2 or 3 boxes, just to have something to do. Got a bit of free time coming up, and I want to have something to fiddle with, like 1000 small pieces to identify and catalog
Heh, got 1 large, and 1 small on the way, $17 I'm sure I'll find something that'll make it worthwhile.
...hmmm... been 10 days... should be here today...

Still no idea on size...

Any guesses ?
... :( still no package... 11 days... and it said 7-10... uncool... I'll give it until the end of the day, then I'll be mad...
hmm is this "goodie" box a US thing or what? here in singapore there are some shops which stuff surpulus resistors, caps, diodes in a small plasic bag (about 150 of em all) and sell for about $2. No 2 bags are the same and they only contain resistors, caps and diodes.

Aiight, got my package in and I've already found a ton of stuff.

So far I found 4, 7 seg displays, 2 +/- 1 displays (True False), 1 LCD Display (Looks like a pager display for use in my Mp3 player once I find the main CPU), 4 complete circuits, haven't identified them yet, 10 - decade counter IC's, 20 battery holders, 4 super caps, a pack of 50 diodes (Haven't ID'd them either), 2 IC's I haven't ID'd, 20 LED's, 6 Lamps, 20+ switches, 3 triggers (Will be useful for a gauss rifle when I make it) 2 extremely useful caps (680uF @ 200v, will be using those in my gauss rifle) 5 heat sinks, 1 High voltage tester, 7 sockets, 2 pushbuttons, 1 high voltage switch, 3 buzzers, 8 pots, 2 knobs, 1 High Voltage Pot, 2 transformers, and about 1000 more things, I'll have plenty of stuff to catalogue.

Oh yeah, if anyone has a schematic that uses the decade counters, I'd like to make use of them... they're CD4017BN
Oh, and it's not strictly US, you can get it shipped outside US, but it would be better to get a bunch of them, like 10 larges, because shipping would be airmail, and that's expensive for just 1 box.
EGM is great, i ordered some stuff a while ago from them back when they mailed the catalogs, i ordered an assortment of copper clad once and i still have some around, it was like 50 pieces and it was cheap too.
**broken link removed**

It's under Unique items, large is the first on the list, small is the second.

Sizes: Large 7.00"x5.25"x5.25", Small 4.25"x4.25"x4.50"
Thanks, it looks great? btw from yer prior experience how much of the content is useful? (eg: are they are throwing in assembled PCB which might be of no use, etc?)

Well, in order to find a use for the assembled PCB you have to figure out what it is, if you get a useless one, then you scrap it for parts.

I'd say about 80% of what's inside is useful, it's just finding something to use it for.

Some of the parts are impossible to identify, so they can be scrapped or tossed, like I got 4 little discs with a bunch of holes in them, they're not connected with copper, or anything like that, and there's an odd number of holes, so it's obviously not for an LED block, possibly a buzzer cover, I dunno.

I also got this small package of tiny SMD thingys, I can't figure out what they are, the bag they're in just says sample, and nothing else, so I dunno, I also got what looks like an electroluminescent square, but I can't tell, it's got 2 leads, and is in a plastic case, so it's either that or a clear solar panel (HAH! yeah right...)

I also found 1 broken circuit, which I tossed, and a few little things that almost look like a part of a robotic leg or something.

And I got a few other things I'll never have any use for, like a high current pot resistor that's only rated at 500 Ohms, it's HUGE!!! like 2" in diameter, and 3" long.

I also got some other stuff I can't identify yet, most of the unidentifiable stuff is surface mount, since I've never worked with it. Other than that most of it is useful, but then again as long as you can figure out what the hell it is, everything's useful.
But I guess if you think of it this way, I got a good value, seeing as how the first 10 things I pulled out of the box cost as much as the 2 mystery boxes themselves.
I'd also say go strictly for the large ones, like since you're overseas, get as many as you can afford + 1 small, because the small one has mostly loose stuff, I pulled out 5 bagged items, the rest were loose (some 400 of them) and out of the large I pulled out about 40 bagged sets, and maybe 200 loose items.

I'd say all in all I got between 1000-2000 electronic pieces, well worth the $17 bucks I spent.

Wish I got a few project boxes in it though... could use some more of those.
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