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:? Can anyone tell me if I can make some kind of antenna to boost AM radio stations (NOT FOR MUSIC, SPORTS).I live in a very low area, I do get some reception but with static in the backround. I've tried some antennas I bought in stores but they do not give me any better reception. THANK YOU

Dean Huster

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AM Antennas

You didn't mention what you were using for a receiver. If it has an external antenna connection as is common on communications ("shortwave") receivers, it's an easy deal. If your radio has nothing but a built-in loop or ferrite antenna, things are a bit more difficult.

You can string out an outdoor long wire antenna and connect it to a receiver. If your has only a built-in antenna, the end of this outside antenna can be wrapped around the radio and will probably improve reception.

There are lots of different antennas that you can make that are especially suited for standard broadcast-band AM reception. Two that come to mind are the Beverage antenna, a long-wire, outside antenna that takes up a lot of length and a loop antenna, which has the advantages of being small with the ability to rotate to null out interferring stations and peak up the desired station. Try a Google search for both of these antenna types.

Anytime you build an outdoor antenna, it is of the greatest importance to be sure that it is protected against lightning. You should always install a lightning arrestor on the antenna and disconnect the antenna from your receiver when not in use or when storms threaten.



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I have several friends who built loop antennas for their AM radios so that they could catch baseball games on weak AM stations. Search on loop antennas for more info. What it amounts to is a large coil, maybe 15 inches or large in diameter and a capacitor for tuning. The coil is rotated for best reception.

Several of these friends claim the GE Super radio 3 is tops for AM reception. It does not appear to be high in cost ($40 or so).


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Ricky - What is a beaver antenna? I did a search on Yahoo and got no relevant responses.


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a mispelled ( sigh ) I mean a beverage antenna that consisting of a very long wire layout near ground and having a very directive characteristic.

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