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Another garage door opener question....

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Hi, guys new to this forum i have always been interested in electronics, but have always excelled in automotive electronic's I would like to pose a question involving garage door openers. i work at a a city bus shop and we use a two channel garage door opener made by linear i would like to install this in the smallest case possible but my biggest hindrence is the 9v battery that power's the unit what can be used in place the rectangle batt? i also have a second question that may shoot my first request in the foot... :roll: these openers i've come to find out are rather weak and sometimes it's really hard to open the gates from inside the bus or standing outside (even at twenty feet!!) is there a way to boost the signal? i know that most car alarm's usually have an effective distance of at least 40ft one of the toyota faculty cars in the shop can reach over a hundred feet?!?! :shock: any help would be appriciated. thanX.


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Is there an antenna on the receiver that can be relocated or extended to possibly improve reception? If it's in the center where the opener is then maybe run wire closer to location(s) of vehicle(s).

Along the same lines as the first sentence, consider adding a preamp to the receiver however it carries some risk that other signals might interfere. Single transistor or single IC preamps are available or easily made. Lots of kits out there for not much money - might be better if this is your first attempt. Many are broadband - so knowing the frequency is less important. If you know the frequency that's an improvement - can add tuned front end to preamp to be more selective.
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