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anntena info

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if any body who can offer any information about anntena and how we can build
it from a wire


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Please advise:
- frequency of your radio?
- where will you put the antenna? above your roof, or in your hand, or taped to your pet armadillo, or hanging from the back of your airplane?
- what direction do you want your signal to go?
- how far do you want your signal to go?
- how much money can you spend on materials?
- what country are you in?


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Have some Xperience w/ short wave recievers and CB's. A simple antennea is a wire in the air. My best antennea for a short wave reciever was to make an "electric fence" around the eves of my house, with an insulated wire coming in to the back of the radio. LATER< I built a 2d antennae from a 10' piece of 1/2" conduit / 1/2 bolt in the top of it drilled/tapped for a full CB whip on top of that with 3 of the bolt corners ground off & drilled and tapped ,and auto FM (solid) antennaes screwed into the corners like radials. With eigher antennae I was able to recieve around the world. With both - I recieved strong/clear signal anywhere. PLEASE NOTE - these were for recievers only. SENDING antennae need to be for the specific frequency being sent. The 1st listed is the simplest & easiest to install - BEST if NOT under tin rain gutter.
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