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My name is Dragos. I am new in simulation S.P.I.C.E. an I want to use simulator Micro-CAP 12, to simulate some electrical parameters from some electronic components.

From InGaAs-photodiode IG17, I want to measure graphically follow electrical parameters:
-spectral response;
-dark current vs.reverse voltage;
-shunt vs. temperature;
-capacitance vs. reverse voltage;
-responsivity temperature coefficient I;
-responsivity temperature coefficient II;
-sample pulse response.
-relative sensitivity (%) vs. incident light level (mW), it is about linearity.

And at the transistor, which is a BFP420, I want to measure graphically follow parameters:
-total power dissipation Ptot = f(TS);
-collector current vs. collector-emitter voltage IC = f(VCE), IB = parameter;
- DC current gain hFE = f(IC), VCE = 3 V ;
-collector current vs. base emitter forward voltage IC = f(VBE), VCE = 3 V;
-base current vs. base emitter forward voltage IB = f(VBE), VCE = 3 V ;
-base current vs. base emitter reverse voltage IB = f(VEB), VCE = 3 V ;
-collector emitter breakdown voltage VCER = f(RBE), IC = 1 mA ;
-transition frequency fT = f(IC), f = 2 GHz, VCE = parameter;
-collector base capacitance CCB = f(VCB), f = 1 MHz ;
-maximum power gain Gmax = f(IC), VCE = 2 V, f = parameter in GHz;
-maximum power gain Gmax = f(VCE), IC = 20 mA, f = parameter in GHz ;
-noise figure NFmin = f(f), VCE = 2 V, ZS = ZS,opt, IC = 5 / 20 mA ;
-noise figure NFmin = f(IC), VCE = 2 V, ZS = ZS,opt, f = parameter in GH

Or to measure only those important parameters.
Please, can anybody give me some advice, in electrical parametric behavioral modeling of the analog signal of these components, which here is in general about SPICE?
I will attach a picture below.

Thank you for understanding,




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I have edited the title.. I should imagine Amplifier was intended...
I rather liked amblifier. I was hoping it was about an amplifier that ambled around and kind of tracks with the input signal - but not quite.

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