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Alow myself to introduce.... myself!

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Hi all!

I couldn't find a dedicated introductions section, so am posting here as ericgibbs suggested - thanks Eric! ;)

Well, what to say! I live in Kent in the UK and got into electronics when I was at primary school. Ever since then, I've been interested in how things work, tinkering, creating and repairing!

My interest in electronics got me into several other fields of interest - for example, I have several arcade machines which I am doing up, and piles and piles of old professional and consumer VCRs going back to the Philips N1700.

As I am currently unable to work due to illness, I thought it'd be a good time to have a tinker with some electronics! I was looking for some answers to some problems, and stumbled across this site - seemed like a nice community to join!


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Aaah, just in time for Easter Sunday's dinner, eggplant casserole.


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Pass the potato salad.

The incredible edible egg................plant casserole. he,he.


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