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Afternoon Fellow suppiriors


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Good afternoon

I am having a problem with the interfacing of my Pic 16f887 and my A6 GSM/GPRS module its working with ardiuno is working but now my Lectrurer said, I must use a pic but i last time used a pic on year 2001 first semester, and on those days we were using pic16f84, and on my reseach i saw that ther must be some volatage translation betwwen pic and gsm module weares on ardiuno uno board you connect directly. your coperation my fellow suppiriors will be highly appreciated.

warm regards
Sithembiso Magadla

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You can use the pic16LF887 on 3.3V and that will solve your problem.
Note, the 887 has an internal oscillator that is accurate enough for RS232.


dr pepper

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Pic 16f84's use 5v technology, your gsm module uses 3.3v by the sound of it.
Pomms idea is sound.
You can get level shifter circuits/modules to convert voltages, and if your comms is from 5v to 3.3v you can do it with just resistors, but your much better using a 3.3v micro with a 3.3v gsm module.


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You can use the pic16LF887 on 3.3V and that will solve your problem.
You don't have to use the LF part, a 16F887 will work down to 2v if the clock frequency is limited to 8MHz.
At 3.3v, you can use a 10MHz clock.



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JimB beat me to it I've used a bunch of pic chips at 3.3 volts
only problem i ever ran into was I had to program some at 5 volt then run them at 3.3

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