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Aeromodel 27Mhz Transmitter/Receiver

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I am into Audio-Video electronic service repairs.
Came across this wonderful site browsing the web pages.
Getting crazy about aeromodeling made me buy the 27MHz dual proportional Firebird Outlaw RC airplane,But my pleasure of flying it was short lived as it crashed sevral times on my first time to fly it,but it flew :) .
Now the radio receiver in the model does not function....It was intermittent first,cleaning with thinner solvent would make it work for some time ...But that led to more crashes :(
The receiver has 2 ICs....one is MC3371,thats for sure....the other is a 14 pin SMD which must be used as a decoder/encoder along with the other 14 pin used in the transmitter. :?
I would be glad if any of you'll electronic experts could help me find the IC number of this 14 pin Decoder/Encoder IC as the numbers have been company scratched on my Tx/Rx PCB. :cry:
Thank You,
Cheers & Regards


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I can't answer your question, but you might get some help from Tony's web site. Notice that he has a forum, and Tony himself is very helpful if he knows the answers to your questions.


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Thanks Ron,
I will get in touch with Tony at his Web forum.
I hope he will help me find the 14 pin IC decoder encoder IC
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