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Adding DC Offset bias to AC Signal

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I am currently completing a project and it includes using a Step-Down Transformer to bring the mains Voltage (230V RMS 50Hz) down to 6V RMS. From here I have used a voltage divider to step down to 3.3Vpk-pk. However, the ADC for the microcontroller I am using has a range of 0-3.3V, and my signal gives -1.65 to 1.65V.

I attempted to solve this using the schematic attached where I used a coupling capacitor followed by a voltage divider (to bias the DC Offset voltage) however was not getting the desired result.

I appreciate any help! Thanks



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The voltage at the top of R1 should be 3.3V so that the DC voltage at the midpoint of the divider is +1.65V.
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