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ac power

  1. L

    Adding DC Offset bias to AC Signal

    I am currently completing a project and it includes using a Step-Down Transformer to bring the mains Voltage (230V RMS 50Hz) down to 6V RMS. From here I have used a voltage divider to step down to 3.3Vpk-pk. However, the ADC for the microcontroller I am using has a range of 0-3.3V, and my signal...
  2. sr13579

    How to set up my 220V to 9Vx2 transformer?(What is wrong?)

    So I tried to make an adaptor that can give me voltage around 9-10 Volts. There are total 5 wires as you can see in the attached image. I am using a 1000 uF(25V) capacitor parallely after the bridge diodes as said. But the capacitor is heating up and I think the lid/head of the capacitor is...
  3. I

    IF FOR loop problem getting my resistors burnt

    (I'm not very much good at coding) When I'm using this Dimmer Code then its working fine even for a long time and nothing is getting burnt nor heated up. when the code enters into if() loop only at that time my resistor burnt 2 times. so it is due to zero cross detection isn't happening due to...
  4. N

    Would a high voltage low current generator be more efficient?

    Generators have to deal with counter torque. The more electrical load placed on the generator, the greater the counter torque. Since the counter torque is a function of load current, if one designed a generator to be low current/high voltage, and in conjunction used a transformer to then convert...
  5. P

    Need help in controlling Voltage and Current

    I am trying to control voltage range from 1.5 to 34 using LM338 voltage regulator with 1000u capacitor at the input 430u capacitor at the output with potentiometer @ the adjustment terminal. I have 37v and around 5 Amps current at the Vout but when i try to reduce the voltage using...

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