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Acoustic Research Schematics

diy didi

Hi all
I'm in need of a schematic for an Acoustic Research ARS300 or ARS500 subwoofer.
Please! Any help will be appreciated.


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what is wrong with it? have you tried hifiengine.com yet?
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first thing to figure out, is it actually the amp? or something else? problems with the woofer itself can cause distortion, voice coil rubbing on the magnet, voice coil no longer attached to the cone, one of the tinsel wires loose or broken, or a damaged front or rear surround. problems with the cabinet can cause distortion, air leaks make buzzing noises, things dropped inside (if the sub has a port). air leaks can occur around screw holes if there are screws missing or loose, subs with a port often end up with all kinds of things put in them by small children. a few other things to look for, loose spade lugs on the speaker terminals of the amp, or on the speaker, or loose pin-plug connectors on the amp. if the plastic on a pin plug is discolored or melted on the outside of where one of the pins is, that pin is oxidized and can cause distortion if it's where the speaker plugs into the amp board. if you don't find any of these problems, then start looking at the amp.

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