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Bekatron NGS 3 schematic

I got an old breadboard device from Germany that need some care so i would like to know if somebody got the schematics for this device. It is old and the company in Germany went bankruped many years ago so it is hard to find any documentation. Anyone got something related to it?
I can fix it anyway but it will need more time.

The name is:
Bekatron NGS 3
MKS, Multi kontakt system

Made by
8907 Thannhausen



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Welcome to ETO.

I don't have any information on that breadboarding unit, but it looks to be very nicely made.

It cannot be all that complicated inside, just a few simple power supplies and a three digit voltmeter.

Thanks for the welcome!
I have opened it and it is just 7805, 7905, 7815 and an old ua723 so it isn't complicated at all. Some will be be replaced to LM317 so the voltage outputs will be adjustable and closer to +-15V. It isn't a challange, it is just a couple of hours work.

I will probably not add more features, even though it would be fun. Most likely i will make a similar but more modern for future use and if somebody like to get a kit to start with. It could be fun.


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