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ac-to-dc converter

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LApprenti Sorcier

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Ac to DC

Why don't you try building one of your own? It's damn easy... Power supplies are the electronic projects many students and newbies start with... (Voice of experience)


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im for the computer suply 2.....
thing of building your own suply...if u would use a simple transformer, rectifier and a ton of capacitors..and the transformer would be very expensive, not to mention a small eficency......
but building a switching powersuply would be much more complecated so..
if i remember well u could find good computer suplies at 8-10 bux, and they also have other voltages, [email protected] and [email protected] and so on...


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Just keep in mind: the older ATPSU regulator feedback only from 5V output,therefore can`t work without 5V load.
When this feedback replace to 12V (with additional serial poti), i can charge a car battery with 15A.
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