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AAAA 1.5 Volt batteries

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This tip is handy if you require a small 1.5 Volt battery which doesn't cost you an arm or a leg.

I found it by coincidence while blowing up a 9 Volt battery.

The Energizer and Duracell 9 Volt batteries are made of 6 AAAA cells of 1.5 Volts each which can be used to power small electronic projects.

These cells are just a little smaller than the common AAA cell ( see attached YouTube video in which I made a comparison with AAA and AA cells )

Photo attached

YouTube - AAAA, AAA, AA, C, D and F Battery Cell comparison



I seen this sort of thing before.

It's not true with Nicad 9V batteries, they're made with lots of button cells layed on top of each other.


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AAAA cells have almost half the weight of AAA cells and have half the capacity.


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Colin : True, i did a search on Youtube and there are a few battery hack clips on it.

Audioguru : Correct, but they are cheaper than these little 1.5 Volt button cells.
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