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A real simple question

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How can i remove a stain of used ferric chloride solution(it would be having unused FeCl3 mostly FeCl2 and CuCl2 right?) off carpet.

ah.. i had this 1' square pcb in a container dipped in ferric chloride solution. after the etching was over i took out the pcb but accidentally the container dropped of the table over the carpet. now it got a big stain.. the solution wasnt much so the splash isn't that big it mostly soaked in one spot.

the carpet cleaner didn't work. so i searched over the net and found that i should use a toothpaste ... haven't tried it cause it sounded peculiar ... and the popular result was to clean it with coca cola.. haven't tried this either...

if there anyone who can tell me for sure something that will take the stains off, i'd be most thankful.


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This link shows a commercial remover - have never used it though.
The datasheet states is 100% Oxalic Acid - think thats Rhubarb ..

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