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A AM Transmitter...

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Someone Electro

New Member
I need a AM radio transmitter circut.

I want it simple (litle of parts and basic parts)
I want it for a carbon microfone (i don't have other tipes)



Active Member
I recall the term "phono-oscillator" being used to describe a simple AM transmitter. You might find what you need by searching under that term. While it seems that a carbon microphone can be adapted easily the old designs might be more amenable to the mic. Some of the "phono-oscillators" were vacuum tube, some solid state.

Someone Electro

New Member
Nice isnt it!

Its realy simple!

If you get your hends on some powerful transistors try with 9V

Buld a vertical antena for beter performance!

If it dosent run on a batery use a capacitator(big) to get rid of that 50Hz "Hum"

A batrery can run i for a wery long time(curent 2-6 mA)!!! 8) 8) 8)
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