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74HC595 Shift Register with 4 Dig Com Anode 7 segment display

Mike - K8LH

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Hi Mosaic,

I'm not interested in modifying your program. I only posted an alternative binary-to-decimal routine from PICLIST because I thought you might find it interesting. A second post addressing how you might mitigate the differences you mentioned, should you try and use the alternate binary-to-decimal routine, was a mistake, and I'm sorry. I should have simply said something like "I thought you might find this interesting".

Your program is a reasonably good example of a novel multiplexing method and I think you made some interesting design choices, such as, running the code in a main loop that isn't synchronized to a timer.

I'm really only interested in finding and fixing faulty comments and extraneous code fragments which, as you say, may be left over from previous revisions of the program, that may be confusing and impede understanding of this interesting multiplexing technique. I've helped find problems before (Keypad Scanning Problem with AN557 16F628A) and I thought you might appreciate the help.

Your suggestion that the program is large and complex and that you may have been concerned about problems with paging boundaries and 256 word boundaries doesn't make sense. In fact, the program is really relatively simple and small, producing only 228 words of machine code, with nary a page boundary or 256 word boundary in sight. Clearly, you don't have the time or interest to look at the program or discuss problems so I won't pursue the matter further.

Cheerful regards, Mike
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