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7-Segment LED counter

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actually i'm having problem on the real circuit + real component, the sim gave me perfect result (0v on input pins when no signal).


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Hi Klwoon,

The connection of the dipswitch is wrong. You should connect
the four 1k pull-up resistors from +5 volts to the inputs of the
74(LS)47 and connect the dipswitch to ground. Doing so will
give you a nice logical "1" when the dipswitch is open and a
nice logical "0" when the dipswitch is closed.



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can anyone give me an idea coz im making a circuit that has 3 switches 1, 2, and 3..
if i turn on switch 1 the output to seven segment will be 1 so as to 2 and 3...
anyone help me plzz.. and send to [email protected]
thnx a lot^^


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guys i am a novice to DLD as well so kindly tell me whats "count in" in the schematics?.i am suppose to build a circuit in my next DLD lab that pretty much looks like this one. so kindly elaborate how can i get this "count in"?.i mean is there some sort of cloak thing or something like that?.i dont know any of this stuff so you may pretty much get the idea:(.so far ive learned how to display a decimal number using a 7447 decoder and thats all.thanks.
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