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5 Strobe Light motion detector security lights system.

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Does anyone know about how many watts one of these party strobe lights is, mine are not marked? My motion detector says 150 watts per light bulb it is made for 2 bulbs. The 2 light sockets are wired in parallel so its really not too important to have exactly 150 watts per side other that the wiring size per light and as long as I don't go over 300 watts. It probably has a safety factor of 10 or 15 percent over.

I put up another motion detector on the north side of the house. I need light bulbs so I had this idea to use the strobe lights my kids don't want anymore. I have 5 strobes 120 VAC each. One is mounted to flash straight out from the house. Two are mounted at 22 deg 1 left and 1 right. The other 2 are mounted at 45 degrees 1 left and 1 right. I have them all set to flash about 10 flashes per second each. Its pretty crazy but it works. All that flashing messes with my eyes I think if a thief tried to run he might fall down or crash into a tree. LOL. I see those party strobes at yard sales all the time $2 and $3 each I think I will buy more.
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If there is a fuse, you can read the amperage and compute: P(W)=120V*I(A). This will be a conservative number for your requirements.
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