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36v 48v CCCV charger

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Hello tech online people

I am looking for this kind of charger. I need it with precise voltage outputs, I would like to make it changeable with a potentiometer, or a resistor I can change.

I could also build one myself, does anyone have any material they can lead me in a direction to do this?

I would like it to deliver atleast 2,5-4 amps when charging with full amps, and to fall down to under 1 amp when it reaches it´s max potential.

Does anyone have any idea of what direction to throw me?

I will use them in 30 ah 36v - 48 batteries Lifepo4 with high current balancer (1amp).

Thanks in advance

Best regards Simon


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I would just use my boat-anchor, rack-mount, HP Labratory DC power supply. Adjustable output voltage from 0V to 50V. Adjustable current limiting from 0A to 40A. A bit of overkill, but I already own it.

These come up surplus and at Ham Radio swap meets from time to time...


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