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2-way intercom system

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New Member
hey peeps!
need help with this one!
i have to make a research bout this kind of project..
i need to know about its background and benefits.
in what website can i find these stuffs?
thanx. i need it badly! :)


New Member
do u need to be bidirectional like a phone, or to change the direction of the speech...eg u speak, u push a button and then u listen to what the other says?
and another thing, how many niles can u use between the corespondents, 2 3, or 4?
i have something. u need two normal phones, old ones work 2(the ones with the weeal) and some zenner diodes, a few resistors, and 2 buzzers and a 9v batt. it works fine.....
if u want i can give the schematic, i designed it long ago, so i wont try to find it if u dont want it
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