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15" Monitor Power Supply

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Hi Friends !

I will appriciate your help..
I am trying to repair my 15" Monitor. This is my first try to repair Monitor,
I have know how of electronics and can repair Car Taps, Decks, Cell phone Charger Etc.

I started from Input 220v . At Capitor it Show 250v DC and at input SMPS Transformer it shows 250v and 300v but at Output it Zero 0v.

then i unplug a Divode which is conected pin#8 to 6 at out put.
Now the Power LED is blinking and Transfomer make noise Tik Tik >>tik

I just want to know where the problem is ?
Before Transformer , Bed Transformer or after Transfor.

Thanks in advance


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Tick Tick Tick is typical of a short circuit some where. the power supply is protecting itself from over current.
I could have shorted diode or capacitor. Possibly a burned through circuit board under something.
Are there any signs of burn marks or bad smells? Do any of the capacitors have rounded or bulged tops or goo around them?
If the capacitor is bulged it is bad. If there are burn spots check to see what caused that much heat in that spot.
Check the output diodes. There could be one or more shorted.


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If you have unplugged the load then the power supply is probably OK but is shutting down because it has no load.


I've heard that tick tick tick noise before, always when I accidentally bump an ATX supply + line to ground. The supply usually juts turns off if it's not stable, not ticks.


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Thanks for your Help..

I got that.. There was a Shorted K (S.D.G) Transister and a Sorted (Horis...) Transister.

I replace that. and now the monitor turned on Normally..

Thanks Again...
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