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15" LCD TV's

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Hello to all. 2 years ago I purchased 14 Phillips/Magnavox 15" LCD tv's, refurb's, for school use. Since then I have had 3 of these go bad. It is always the same, first the video will go blank after 15-20 minutes, shut it off, wait a few minutes and turn it back on. It soon gets to a point where you no longer have any video ever but good sound. I see many of these sold for parts on the net so I believe there is a very common problem. Can anyone help me out as were to look or shed some light on these failure. I have pressed everywhere on the board while it is on to see if video would return but it doesn't. Thank you for any help, Jim
As you rightly said, this seems to a common problem with that model. In that case the manufacturer/ their service centers must be aware of this problem and the solution. Why don't you try to ask them?
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