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13 years of stupidity confirmed


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Morons lol. Its funny but sad.
Video below:
While I appreciate the sentiment, the guy spending 20mins to introduce a 10min video was giving a superb example of how not to make a presentation.
ie, sitting there just reading some turgid text, it offended my sensibilities.
I had to fast forward to the real video.

As for polluting rivers, we here in the UK do not exactly have a great track record in that regard.
Over the centuries/decades/years we have fouled up our rivers quite badly.
However all is not lost, in recent times we have got our act together and things are a lot cleaner that they were.
Possibly a lot of it was due to pressure and regulation and directives from the European Union.

European Union? Who they?
Oh yes, that lot of nasty foreigners who keep telling us how to run our country.
We will soon be rid of them. (Maybe).

Hang on a minute...
Clean water, nice environment, is that such a bad thing to be told to clean up your mess???
Hmmmm, let me think about that.



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Well, youre cross. Me too. I say throw people that litter in the trash where they belong. Im tired of Stupids effing it up for everyone....stupidity meh. Even animals are cleverer than some of these excuse for human beings.....even dogs and cats dont **** in their drinking water............


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