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13 years of stupidity confirmed


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I'm poor now. I wasn't 13 years ago.

Made bad choices. At least I tried to get the "new SA to work". Ive sat here in this Degenerating place for over 13 years now. Ive seen it change. Ive heard it change. Remember my little light?
Still works.

Originally built to help schoolkids......not me. I built it and wanted them to use it to be able to learn and read at night instead of candles. All i've built still work. But I decided no more. Ive still lots of boards and spares and parts. I just have no interest anymore. I'm done with stupidity
Ive seen how the rot starts here in SA.

And than spreads Worldwide.


Dunning Kruger effect is alive and true. And its alarming. To say the least.



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I was 18yrs old and was part of Ops Protea in the video that follows.

I was a Signalman. My job was to keep comms working no matter what to keep our troops safe and informed. I saw it all but never was put in a position to actually use my R1 rifle.

I went through many pairs of brown army pants destroyed or eaten by leaking battery acid hauling 2 X 12V batteries to power our Hoppers.

And only than once the 24V is connected....can I start the process of communication.

Syncronizing the Hoppers right on time and the joy and relief on my Commanders face that he can talk to HQ in Pretoria with no enemy listening in.

I was thorough with comms. But always had crappy clothing lol.

I miss those days.

I would do it all again in a flash if needed.




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Frequency Hopping.

We had it already working in 1981

Timing is everything. Timed perfectly all is good.
The two transmitters and receivers need to dance the same dance.

And than they "hop" together.
So...in those days....7PM at night was EXACTLY 7PM. Not 7.15 PM

So.....at EXACTLY 7PM in the evening my Hopper started looking for its friend in Pretoria.
Syncronized with my Hopper deep in Angola.

Seconds later comms magically happened.

Noisy but so clear. I often sat there watching my Commander and like i'm like " may I sleep now?"
Him. No .

And so it went on.

Until Ops Protea ended and we all went home.

I was a kid than. The memories are awesome for me thinking about those times.
I was never a "fighting soldier"
Never killed.

But I knew stuff.

And still do.

Anyway that' s getting harder now.

Maybe a Mod should close this thread.

Its up to you Guys.

Love you all
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Latest Chinese dumped end of the road CRT i've seen here lol. Modified from the factory it was built in.........

Awww, i'm gonna try save it cause the tube is good.
In all my years I havent seen a mod like this lol.

Tube heater mod yes. Max of 6 windings.

This...........nope lol

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Anyway....its fixed.

So another happy customer.
Picture believe it or not is pretty good for an end of the line CRT tv.

That Mod has do with East West

So........all is OK.

I'm expecting more of these LOL.

No problem.

I'm getting used to this stuff now.

I take photos of the Factory Mods..........before I touch a set.........cause if a wire breaks....I wont know where to solder it back.

Matt, you can close the thread now.

Or maybe we should keep it going?




Hi TV came across your interesting thread, you know what I am an old retired engineer who has worked and lived in many countries around the world and I can tell you the grass is always greener on the other side, wherever you move to is great initially BUT sooner or later all the old frustrations come back again! Ohh so you think you have corrupt politics, let me tell you they are corrupt the world over, just variations on a theme, no justice ? same. Sorry to disappoint you but utopia doesn't exist otherwise I would have found it in a lifetime of searching!! Maybe the afterlife (if it exists) is free of frustration :)


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What I honestly dont understand anymore is that the youth feel so entitled these days........no hidings no sore bums....nothing.

If a kid is busy breaking stuff on purpose......you may not slap their bums if they back talk you as a parent......

Nope. Gotta sit them down and explain to them.

Ive no kids...but im taking strain seeing and hearing these Teenagers coming past here EVERY night and morning lately drunk and destroying on their way home.

Ive said many times....IM RIGHT HERE....

Even my Sister also in South Africa doesnt get it if I try and explain stuff HERE where I am.

Shes far away from this nightly madness. In the Karoo. In a nice house in town in the largely safe farming community there. No farm murders there cause the Karoo is like a desert.....and the thugs doing the farm murder thing in SA want easy targets/victims. Not worth
their useless sweat.

Me, I have to here.....not enough work there with TV's.

And right here I see and hear ALL.

Mickster.....did you watch the Into Angola video I posted above?

If you did, you would see many black guys (not us whiteys with black polish on our faces only) I kept them all alive with good, reliable comms. I was in awe of those guys and did my best to protect them by doing my little part.

And yes, we all stank together.
No soap, toothpaste, showering for weeks at a time.

We did it together black, white.

Now just look what the "liberation movement the ANC" has done to South Africa in a few looting frenzy years.



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What I honestly dont understand anymore is that the youth feel so entitled these days........no hidings no sore bums....nothing.

If a kid is busy breaking stuff on purpose......you may not slap their bums if they back talk you as a parent......
Why do you think it is only happening where you live? It's everywhere now days. And not just kids, we in the USA have an "adult"(?) doing it. He lies about things that can be verified quickly as lies and he still has the same amount of people agreeing with him!


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You know what? I'm gonna keep quite now. For a bit. Suffice to say that things are really getting hairy here.

shortbus= I'm 57 this year. Ive seen South Africa go from hope when Mandela was released and we won the Rugby World Cup to this mess we are in.

African corruption is worse than anywhere else in the World. Because the people stealing know they are unemployable anywhere else. So its take everything or nothing.

Its like a feeding frenzy here. They wont think of tomorrow. And their kids. Nope.

The trough is getting emptier by the day.

Our new NPA head is strangely silent now. A woman who is an International Criminal Court law advisor suddenly has gone quite. She started spitting fire on her first day on the job. Told criminals to tread carefully. NPA is coming after them.


Just maybe cause the thieves have blocked every avenue she had to just do her job.
Corruption has become a way of life here. Its like no deal without a kickback.

So, without firing corrupt staff, she cant do her job. If she tries to gather good, honest people around her.........the corrupt will make sure she fails. The stealing is too deep. It comes from the top............

The very top. Noone must try and ******** South Africans anymore that the ANC top 6 did not know about Jacob Zuma. They knew all. He was hahahaha in Parliament. Lots of chaos. He used to sit there and snigger.

They knew and protected him. Zuma was the clown. The scapegoat in the looting of SA.
Cyril Ramaphosa knew this.

Hes our President now.

God help us.


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They are the "precious youth" here that feel entitled. They are nothing, break the bottles and stare at their cellphones while they walk.

They want the land. They believe its due to them. No work needed. Nah.

NEVER question a Snowflake or make it feel like they are doing the wrong thing.
They are fragile. Get upset quickly. And than......pull the race card lol.

Snowflakes bums never got sore from a hiding. Nope.
They too sensitive for that.

Little useless, clueless protected kids.

My last hiding was at 16 years old. I smashed a bottle out of anger at our home. My Dad watched it and called me.

He said "don't ever do that again. That's not your bottle to break. Even if it was I don't expect you to destroy if your'e angry"

I defied him. I was feeling strong. Strong Teenager.

I challenged him.

Next thing I knew I was man down.

He looked at me while he had me in an impossible headlock position. His kind face staring at me.

He said......."Never again my Son. Don't let this happen again"

I started crying. Me the tough 16 old or so I thought.


Next year in the SADF. 17 years old.

Useless Soldier.....but Comms my key.

I remember Heidelberg.

Parade ground is full. Everyone marching. Parents there. My parents came all the way to see me.
I'm named 2nd candidate with the highest scores with Signals. And Heidelberg is/was Signals HQ.

So......being that, off I go.

So, in front of the crowd gathered there, I must choose what I wanna do.

Join PF Permanent Force or stay a Signalman.
Choices were hectic.

Cape Town Radar School.
Or take a gamble lol...........

I said nah......


And that's how I ended going on ops Protea anyway lol.
Too young. Heck I was fit though.



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That's the way the world is going, not just SA. I see that everywhere - Nobody can handle their feelings being hurt, even if it wasn't intentional. People are so fragile and you have to walk on eggshells around them in order to not get sued, fired, expelled, etc.

You're not alone in thinking this is ridiculous, tv.


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Adult waiter dealing with rude kids......doesn't kick them out early or tell them to behave....nope. Waits until the end and pulls the race card after he already knew there is crap coming. Now hes traumatized and going for counseling...FFS.

Guess what......another sensationalist story by the Press here (they love it). If this was black on black, or white on white....no story. They love the Race fights.


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Anyway I'm filthy. I'm seeing more and more CRT being brought here for repairs. Panasonic SX 1. Three this week. And so on. Sets that have not worked for YEARS......full of spiderwebs and dead cockroaches. Old stuff they have kept stored....and they bring them here. Desperate clowns that buy Flat Screen stuff that you bolt to a wall......impressive.....until it breaks..

They don't have "munny" to fix the thing. Too expensive.

So.........out it goes.

They find the old CRT....and I must deal with it. Its getting worse every day. Also, they...sorry about the they "John Panhalt" are not collecting repaired sets. Nope. I'm literally falling over repaired sets to get to my bench.

Crazy crap. Were bursting at the seams. Seems like noone wants to help fix their stuff anymore. No Techs anymore wanna deal with stupids. Wev'e mostly had enough. But I will persevere. I have to.

Ive no way out.

Gotta fight this to the end.


And money for nothing.

That reminds me of a song:

I know my speakers aren't blown and the volume was turned all the way up but I couldn't hear the intro to the song.........I am pretty sure my mind was somewhere else. Just saying


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Takes a second or five
Wait for it.....Its there. Best intro ever. Also shes pretty. That's what I think. She knows guitars and chords. Watch again.

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Water...never mind all the money that has been stolen....water cannot be bought. Sad. You cannot pull people out of the bush and expect them to understand western ways. Nope. THEY "that word again" will NOT understand..............these beings cant understand that you DON'T CRAP in the water you drink etc......"THEY".just. dont.get.it.

This absolute stupidty is destroying everything in South Africa. Bit by bit.

Using the mentality in the video...you crap low and drink high....Lemme explain. So crap down there and fresh clean water is on its way..........upriver water coming in. Except.....lol....everyone upstream from you is doing the same thing as you haha.

Morons lol. Its funny but sad.
Video below:
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