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12-hour digital clock (help)

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Anyone can help me regarding this one?

(here is the link of pix above)

The schematic above works well in simulation (im using proteus, by d way),however,when i tried it in actual it didn't function well..

Take a look at the video in the URL below..

YouTube - Video0001

That's what happens during simulation..But in actual,the after 12:59,it will changed to 00:00, going to 00:01, 00:02, ... , 00:59, 01:00..i hav to wait for an hour in order for it to change to 01:00..

What do u think is the problem of the schematic above?

Can anyone help me?
What will i do in order for me to attain 01:00 after 12:59?

Thanks lot!

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