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110V ACDC PCB - change to 220V

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hi, I have the PCB for an air purifier (ie basically it's a DC fan) which does the AC/DC conversion.
I've attached a picture.
There are 2 versions of this PCB, a 110V and a 220V.
My version is the 110V, but I'm in Europe, so I'd like to change that to 220V.
Seeing as there are only a few elements in the PCB I figure it's simply a matter of replacing one or two components.

Can anyone help me? Ie which part(s) do you think need to be replaced?




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Thanks for your suggestion.

I don't have a Walmart near me - I'm not in the US. The ones I found here cost around 20€ and from the user reviews I've seen on Amazon they usually don't last long and can be a fire hazard.

Also, it's more inneficient.


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Can you provide us with a another JPEG (same dimension) of the reverse side of the board?

It would allow an examination of the circuit and an estimate of any possible changes that might meet your goal.


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Front view of the PCB - the 110V wires connect to the left side - it's the white connector with one black and one white wire.

Still front view, closer view of the left side - where the 110VAC comes in, and a closer view of the wires

Still Front view, but now looking closer at the right side. The wires that leave the circuit here are going to power the fan and ion producer

Back view of the PCB

A closer view of the capacitor on the back

Continues on the next message (Size limitation)


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(continued from above)

This is where the 6 wires (red+black and red+yellow+white+black) go after leaving the PCB. The red+black go directly to the ion generator. The rest go to the fan

And here I changed their positions to make it easier to read the labels on the 2 parts. One is a NanBai negative ion generator which works in 110V
The other is CBB61capacitor, but which can work with 250VAC.

So looking at the whole picture, does anyone have any idea of what needs to be replaced in the circuit to make it work on 220V instead of 110V?
Clearly there must be a way, since they produce the same PCB in 110V and 220V versions, but to me it's not clear what to change.



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PCB only:
On the back of the board is a 3uF 250V capacitor. (CX2) I think it needs to be 1.5uF 500 to 600V. (value = 1/2, voltage = 2x) This is the part that drops the voltage down to some thing small.
Top side of the board "ZR1" is probably a 120V device and needs to be 220V. So again 2x the value. (or remove it for now) Used for over voltage protection.
Double check if CX1 is good for 220V.

Jungle of wires:
I do not know what is happening here. Why the 5uF cap? The "Ion Generator" is clearly not going to work at 220V. There is a "WWW.dganbal.com". I think you can get a 220V version on ebay or some where. It looks like the 5uF cap sends power to another area not shown and it might need to be 1/2 value to reduce the power there.
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