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How can i control 3 seperate buttons using a wireless remote control?

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I want to be able to use a remote control key fob like this... (Click here to visit ebay link)
to wirelessly control 3 buttons.

I am a window cleaner using a water pump in my van to pump water to my water fed pole. To do this I'm using a speed controller which can raise the pressure of the water pump up or down and switch the pump on or off manually by using the 3 buttons.

After some research I think it's possible (though please correct me if I'm wrong) that I could wirelessly control this speed controller using a wireless 3 channel remote receiver like pictured above.

How would I go about wiring up this receiver so they act like the 3 buttons on the speed controller? Is it as simple as connecting 2 wires to each button and then the 2 power wires from my battery to the reciever?



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Linked the wrong receiver at start should be something more like this as it's for 12v dc not ac 240v

It is that simple but you have to make sure to solder to a point that can be removed if needed without damaging the switch pad on the pump in case it doesn't work. Also, some of these relays suffer from lots of interference and false triggers. A sudden surge of flow can be surprising. Do some testing before going out to the field.
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