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  1. S

    Salvaging an older Fischer Stereo

    I'm Kody, a new electronics hobbyist (complete random urge to become one) and found a Fischer Stereo on the side of the road. This is my second post relating to a topic like this, but can anyone tell me if it's worth selling or salvaging, and what quality parts I might find? P.S. My knowledge...
  2. L

    AIWA CX-NA777 CD Repair, please help!!

    Okay so I am completely new to electronics, but I am a professional Home Contractor with lots of experience fixing things in general. Recently I decided to try to fix up a stereo for my shop, and so I went and salvaged an AIWA CX-NA777 Stereo system that worked decently except for the CD...
  3. Ginger FerrroChrome

    Newbie trying to replace a transistor (Pioneer 1203 31, Q409)

    Hello! 'Name's Forrest! Or Ginger, whatever you prefer. So, I'm pretty new at electronics repair, I've replaced a couple of laptop modules and put new belts on all of my cassette players, but I'm just now, for the first time, trying to soldier a component on a PCB (ironically I broke it trying...
  4. A

    ISO 10487 socket for car head unit

    Hi Team, Where can I buy ISO 10487 socket in India. I want to use it in car head unit. Thanks, Arun
  5. budget minded

    12v bicycle trailer sound system details

    this isn't exactly an "automotive" etc. application, but it will be a 12 volt system, just lacking an alternator. there are a few issues i need to iron out though. it was originally supposed to be a 36v system, but that created a lot of problems eg. separate batteries for an EQ/crossover or...
  6. Empusa

    Amplifier problem

    Hello! First of all, i don't have much electronic knowledge, but here it goes. I have a small stereo amplifier with two 3W/4ohm laptop speakers with usb source. When my friend asked me to see what's wrong with it, it was completely dead, which proved to be the audio cable. So i replaced the...

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