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  1. Y

    2*50w+100w Amplifier with 5w tweeters and 100w subwoofer

    I want to make two new speakers fo my computer. I have found a amplifier with 2*50w+100w and 3 drivers: one subwoofer 100w 8 ohm and two tweeters 5w 8 ohm. I don't know why but i think i'm about to blow up my tweeters. I can't find a solution to decrease the wattage of the 50w output. Can you...
  2. F

    Is there a way to simulate speaker output from Thiele-Small parameters?

    I need to create a simulation of an ideal speaker output. My professor advised me to use Thiele-Small parameters to do it. However, I have only been able to simulate impedance simulation of the speaker. Do you know a way to simulate actual sound pressure output?
  3. F

    LM386 and 4 Ohm 3W speaker poor audio quality

    I have an LM386 and a 3w 4 Ohm speaker, and I've tried every possible schematic, and nothing seems to work. The sound quality is poor when I make the speaker audible, by turning the volume up. What should I do?
  4. learning

    Could you tell me the full name of these acoustic terms?

    Could you tell me the full name of these acoustic terms: fs: fc: Vas: Qes: Qms: Qts: Qtc: Vb: EBP:
  5. DZ12488

    From Mini Speaker To high db Piezo buzzer Alerting Device

    I need some advice on what is the quickest way to change the alert signal output through a amplifier to run a fixed tone transducer with on board tone driver ? Problem to start with is my customer has issues of the speaker alerting device on this agricultural implement monitor is too quiet . So...
  6. Justin Verrall

    (NEED HELP PLEASE!) 1w Amp build

    Hey I'm wanting to try my hand at building a simple portable 1w practice amp and I'm still very much a beginner at reading schematics and even worse at working from them so can someone tell me if I'm going in the right direction please? Pm me if you want. Schematics Bread boarded
  7. sr13579

    How to increase bass on speaker?

    I have a 8ohm 30W speaker and lm386. I don't know much about the internal structures of lm386. I want only bass sounds(frequencies) in that speaker. How can I do that? And I also want to know how to smoothen the high frequency sounds?
  8. E

    I made a plasma speaker with an arduino and a flyback transformer today

    Here's a video of it in operation. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out :)
  9. A212

    One Logitech X230 stereo speaker not working

    I recently acquired a Logitech X230 speaker set, with subwoofer and stereo speakers from a friend, but was dismayed to learn that the left speaker is non-operational. The other one and the subwoofer work fine. Im a complete noob to sound/speakers, so I decided to open it up and look for broken...
  10. J

    H-Bridge Amp for 8Ω Speaker (PWM)

    I am using fairly robust D882 and B772 transistors in my design, so I am wondering if I still need 4 damper diodes to protect the transistors as shown below? (Leaving them out saves a little on space and cost.)
  11. Rich D.

    Passive Crossover Network

    Hi electrotechs! I am designing a audio amp/speaker combination. This is to be a 3-way system, bi-amplified. I am using an active crossover filter that will drive a mono subwoofer, band limited to 1 KHz and lower. Two more amplifiers will drive the rest of the audio in stereo. This stereo...
  12. U

    Speakers sound pressure level

    Hi all, I'm working on an audio circuit that is really space limited. I purchased miniature 12MM 8 ohm speakers from "no name" brand from aliexpress, these speakers don't have a datasheet. When I activated the circuit the sound is really low- even though the voltage on the speaker is 2V~3V. I...

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