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I made a plasma speaker with an arduino and a flyback transformer today


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Is the output from the Arduino just music or is the music added to a high frequency?
Do you have a link to the sketch or a good starting point?
I have an SD board and a MP3 board with SD that I haven't used yet.


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I haven't had time to do it with Arduino yet but I did get it working with a 555 timer.:)

I watched many videos on this and used the circuit from this instructable.
Use 10K pots for R1 & R2 so you can adjust it for best sound. Mine ended up with 4.7k ohm each. C2 is 10 uF. 10 turns on the flyback coil. I used a 47 ohm resistor between pin 3 & the gate on a IRF540 MOSFET. I also used a diode across source & drain in reverse polarity for snubbing. I did not use D3, D4 or C5.

555 plasma circuit I used.jpg

It is good for the ecology, adding to the ozone layer.
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